RobiCorp is faced with the reality that current silicon-based systems are no longer sufficient. We need to transition to a new system from a processor perspective; we must work towards a new revolution because the current system is giving errors. The error it gives is this: the deterioration of electronic materials due to high heat. If processors shrink, we can place millions of transistors, but of course, we need to shrink transistors as well; this way, we could perform more operations. But the problem is that heat does not allow this. To eliminate the heat problem, we need to explore or create an alternative and stronger element to silicon, because a separate transistor is used for each operation. If we want more operations, we need to use more transistors, which means more diodes and hence more heat.

Why Monilus will build RobiCorp?

We need to classify and control robots, they should work offline and be independent of the system. For example, there should be a three-tier system; the first layer only for their learning and decision-making mechanism, the second layer only for the pool of robots in their domain, and the third layer for all robots, which is the debugging pool. The entire system must be under control; we must never endanger humanity. And we should work on a kind of antidote software to shut down the entire system.

Fundamentally, we need something found in nature; an element. We can process the element and derive a different compound. Through R&D efforts, we can elevate our technology because the current system does not allow for more. Perhaps we won't need transistors anymore. Our priority is for our robots to resemble humans, to act like humans, and to be entirely obedient because that is the purpose of making worker robots. There will be no defense system; There will be no defense system; we must assess every possibility, and take precautions for adverse conditions. If we create a defense system, they could inevitably harm humans one day.